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Collaborating Clinics and Practices

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Thank you!

Dear colleagues,

The BIS Project Management Team would like to express its sincere gratitude for the support over the years during the implementation of our cohort study. Thanks to your generous offer to utilize your practices and outpatient clinics infrastructure, we were able to conduct the study follow-up visits at locations that are close to the participants’ place of residence. Without the support of six Berlin-based nephrology practices affiliated with each of KfH and BN respectively as well as the Vivantes outpatient clinic in Friedrichshain and the Evangelical Hospital Queen Elisabeth Herzberge, the establishment of a study center infrastructure distributed across Berlin would not have been possible.

Overview of participating study sites

Click here for more information about the distribution of study participants between the participating clinics and practices.


The following ten nephrology practices - which are evenly distributed across Berlin - as well as the nephrology outpatient department in Campus Benjamin Franklin and the Vivantes Friedrichshain Hospital participated in the BIS: