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Data protection

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What happens with my data?

The study is conducted under the current data protection regulations. All your personal data will be transferred in a "pseudonymous" fashion. This means that your data will be encoded, making any connection between the data and you impossible.

By signing the consent form you agree that the investigator and their co-workers may use your personal data for study purposes and analyses. Personal data are your name, date of birth, gender, data regarding your physical health, and other data collected during the study.

Study-related data are your age, gender, and information regarding our physical health such as blood pressure and weight as well as other data collected during the study.

The investigator will use your personal data for the purposes of administration and study conduct, and your study-related data will be used for the purposes of research and statistical analysis. Data will be analyzed by the Institute of Biometrics and Clinical Epidemiology, Charité University Hospital (Prof. Dr. P. Martus).

The investigator passes your study-related data on to MEDEORA GmbH Köln, which is in charge of the data management. For every transfer, your data will be encoded ("pseudonymisation" system). Only the investigator and a small number of authorized personel are able to decode your data. All records that could identify you will be handled confidentially.

All your personal data can be accessed by the investigator or his/her representative, the data management organization under contract, or the independent ethics committee. The reason for this inspection is to ensure proper conduct of the study and quality assessment. You can refuse further handling of your personal information and you may ask for elimination and deletion of your data at any time of the study.

You have the right to be informed about all personal data being stored by the investigator. You also have the right to correct potential mistakes of your personal data. In case you want to make an inquiry please contact your investigator. He will contact the principal investigator of the study who will pass on the information to you.

Please be aware the results of this study are going to be published in the medical literature. However, your identity will remain anonymous.

Note: The principal investigator bears responsibility of the management of the personal data. The blood and urine samples will be shipped to "Synlab Heidelberg" laboratory in an encoded fashion. The storage of samples for later analyses will be for a maximum of 20 years at the Charité laboratory, Department of Nephrology, under the direction of Prof. Dr. M. van der Giet. After 10 years these samples will be destroyed. The blood samples of the Iohexol measurements will also be shipped to the Charité laboratory, Department of Nephrology, Prof. Dr. M. van der Giet, where they will be analyzed.

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